Class Leaders in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church are like sub-Pastors, and as such are appointed by the preacher in charge the Pastor has the responsibility of serving as overseer and Shepherd of the entire flock and as such must appoint class leaders to assist them in this role, therefore the class leader can be perceived as a proxy Pastor.
To discover the mission and unity of the Women’s Missionary council. To accourage cooperation, fellowship. and mutual counsel concerning the spiritual life and religious activities of the Christian Church. To study the needs of society in order to aid in the development of programs, people, processes, and resources that will enable the local church to fulfill its mission in spreading the Gospel. 
If you are not an ordained minister, then you are a Lay member.  Our Mission is to vigorously promote and supporting the beliefs and mission of our Church. Studying, seeking, sharing, and serving. Reaching, teaching, and ministering to all God’s People. Seeking daily, Christ’s Way Of Life. and to enhance Christian Fellowship in the local church among the laity by promoting responsible Christian Living
Our married couples are so important to us, as we know how hard marriage is. We make sure to provide a parent couple to each married couple that could help and lead them on their way of unity and purity. God puts marriage in high priority and we at St. Mary’s believe it to. If you are married and you are looking to connect with other married couples, this group is perfect for you.
Our Bible Study group has been going for many years strong. Helping us to walk and live closer to the Lord. Our  Bible Study takes place at 7:00am on Wednesday evenings via Zoom, providing us the right way to start  learning more about Jesus. It’s a time of fellowship, worship, prayer and accountability and we love it. If you want to connect with a  wonderful time to study and learn more about our Lord , this is the group for you!
Our youth ministry is looking for a new start and new leadership. Our future rests in the arms of our young leaders guiding us into the future and into a new era.
Our Church leadership is committed in supporting the vision of  our youth and commtitted to bridge the generational gap of today society. Come and be the start of a new and exciting time.